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What to Expect:


When you do business with Deco Plus Painting you can expect professionalism, quality, and reliability. We are respectful of your time therefore we will be on time for appointments and during the project. Prior to and during painting of your home you can expect a number of things to happen.  

Let’s take a look at what happens during the course of a painting project:

 The first step is to meet with Julian "the contractor" to receive a no obligation, no pressure, and free consultation.  During the process he will answer your questions, make suggestions for your project, and provide a detailed written estimate of the work to be performed, sent via email within 24 hours.

 The next step is for you to select a contractor.  We recommend that you verify that the contractor is insured and licensed in the state of Nevada. This can be done by visiting the Nevada State Contractors Board website:, and do a simple license search by company name.

We also recommend that you check references or customer comments from previous customers of the contractor.

 Proper preparation is key to a successful paint project. We perform all the necessary preparation to ensure the quality of the final project and that all non painted surfaces are protected.


We will:

Pressure wash to remove old dirt and debris

Protect and cover landscaping

Trench below grade next to building foundation (remove soil and rocks approximately 2-4 inches below grade)

Hand scrape loose and peeling paint

Repair stucco and wood surfaces

Move or cover outdoor furniture

Cover the surface of the pool if necessary

Cover windows and doors with plastic film

Fill cracks on stucco with exterior elastic caulking, or repair any stucco damage with stucco patching material

Prime surfaces that are repaired or became exposed due to removal of old paint

Treat stains (rust, water) with Stain blocker


We will:

Move and cover furniture and position them to be most convenient for the duration of the project, and then cover them with light weight plastic

Remove and/or cover electrical outlets, door hardware, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and appliances

Cover cabinets with plastic film

Spackle small holes, and repair any drywall damages

Caulk baseboards and doorframes as needed

Prime all repaired or exposed (unpainted) surfaces

Cover all windows with plastic film

Protect all floors with paper, plastic or canvas

 Painting is done by Airless Spray equipment, brushing, and rolling. All touch ups are completed prior to clean up.

 All project materials are completely removed from the job site.  Floors are vacuumed or swept.  Furniture is put back into place.  Exterior windows are professionally cleaned for exterior paint jobs. 

The contractor will complete a walk thru with you at the end of the job to ensure your satisfaction. There is no payment until completion of the project. (Certain exceptions apply).

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