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As part of our services, we offer floor coatings. Whether it is a driveway, pool deck, walkway, or a backyard recreational area, a new coating will enhance the look of your concrete flooring, and provide great protection.  There are over a thousand colors to choose from, on certain applications.

 We offer: two component Epoxy coating, with or without decorative flakes (chips). Solid color non transparent stains, (choose from over a thousand colors), transparent or semi-transparent acid or water based staining.



 All floors, driveways should be free of items prior to work.

Scrubbing the floors with an electrical scrubber, and cleaning solutions, or acid solution, to etch surface for proper adhesion.

Rinse, squeegee, let air dry.

Cracks up to 1/8” are filled with concrete patching material. Textured surfaces will be retextured to match the surrounding pattern.

One or two coats of epoxy floor coating is applied, depending on the color change from the existing. Curbing (at the perimeter of the floor, about 3-4” high, going up attach to drywall) is coated upon agreement at an additional cost. Chips are added (distributed) to the epoxy coat. After drying, loose chips are removed, and a final sealer/clear protective coat is applied. Should be left drying for 24 hrs. for foot traffic, and for vehicles.

We remove only stains and dirt, not unevenness, or imperfections. Oil and rust stains are cleaned, but not completely vanished or removed.

Not responsible for:

Worn or brittle pool equipment covers, expansion joints.

All floors, driveways should be free of items prior to work.

All work is backed by our Two year warranty

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