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What is Included in a Cabinet Painting Project
by Deco Plus Painting?

Proper preparation is the key to a successful painting project. We perform all the
necessary steps to ensure the quality of the final project.
All items such as small appliances, food items etc. will have to be removed from countertops, and from the general vicinity of the work areas by the homeowner prior to start of work.
Large appliances such as stoves, dishwashers etc. can be left in place.
Painting your cabinets is not only less expensive, but provides the most impact without having to replace them.
Painting allows you to enhance the look of your kitchen and bathrooms with any of the currently trending colors.
In addition to painting, installing new hardware will also greatly enhance the look of your new cabinets!
All cabinets and components are worked on on-site. Newly finished doors and drawer fronts are susceptible to damage during transport. Doing the work on site will eliminate this problem.
We will need adequate space to set up a work area. This can either be inside the home or in the garage.
Preparation of the cabinets and work areas:
We will make sure that all non-painted surfaces and items are protected.
Painting is done by airless Spray equipment, brushing and rolling.
• Set up a work area. Cover the floors, walls, and everything in the vicinity with
• plastic sheeting.
• Set up the prep and spray racks.
• Remove all doors and drawer fronts.
• Remove existing hardware.
o Fill in holes from old hardware if new hardware will be installed.
• Cover areas surrounding cabinets inside the home.
• Scrub/degrease all cabinets and parts with Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) solution.
• Repair minor scrapes and blemishes as needed with wood putty.
• Sand surfaces to enhance adhesion of primer.
• Apply latex caulk to gaps and cracks.
Priming and Painting:
• Prime all cabinets and parts.
• Sand surfaces to enhance adhesion of first coat.
• Apply first coat of polyurethane to match customer approved color.
• Sand surfaces to enhance adhesion of top coat
• Apply finish coat of polyurethane.
• At this time, the painting of your cabinets is finished.
Drying times and traffic:
To touch: 12 hrs
To cure: 14 days
When the painting is completed, we will re-install all the doors and drawer fronts, and any appliances that have been removed by us, (unless otherwise requested by the customer), remove all construction materials (thrash out) while we complete all necessary touch-ups and clean-ups. Floors are vacuumed or swept.
In addition, we can install hardware (knobs and pulls) at $ 5.00/ea. This includes marking and drilling the new holes and installing the hardware. The old holes can be filled, at
$5.00/hole. This price is labor only, all hardware selections and purchases are the responsibility of the customer.
How to protect your new cabinets for years to come:
Your cabinets are now painted with a premium quality polyurethane coating. It takes 24 hours for the coating to dry, and 14 days to cure. Drying is when the moisture has evaporated from the surface of the coating, giving it a hard finish, but there is still moisture left below the surface. The product is cured when most of the moisture is gone, resulting in a hard, durable finish.
We recommend avoiding the use of chemicals, abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads on your painted cabinets. It is best to clean spills or splashes with a damp soft cloth as soon as possible.
Customer Satisfaction
The contractor will do complete a walk through with you at the end of the job to ensure your satisfaction.
Upon inspection of the work by the homeowner or representative, we will accept
payment in a variety of convenient options including cash, check credit cards, PayPal, or ZELLE.
If you have any questions or concerns at any time before, during, or after the project, please call Julian @ (702) 810-6537.

When you use Deco Plus Painting to paint your home of business, you will enjoy your investment for years to come.

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